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Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Who Does That?

This is just ridiculous. There is no other way to describe this latest piece of news. There is a woman in New York who faked cancer in order to get her dream wedding. WTH! Who does that? Are you serious? I personally took this way more personal than I should have for several reasons. Mainly because I was personally touched by cancer in my family a few times. My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer. One of my best friend's had a form of cervical cancer. And my sister had a serious form of bone cancer. Point is: Cancer is no joke.
I could not believe that a person would take such a serious disease that effects millions of people everyday and turn it into something that she could unfairly benefit from. I mean really. Obviously this woman has no knowledge or idea of how truly devastating cancer really is. If you are the unlucky person diagonosed with the disease, then you know how scary it is and how fragile your life then becomes. If you are a family member of someone with the disease, you know how equally scary it is to be faced with the outcome of losing a precious family member way too soon.
To be fair, there's still two sides to every story. I can tell you that being a woman of a certain age who is unmarried and wants to get married, sometimes fear does play apart in some actions. Some woman do things to hurt themselves to jump the broom with a potential partner. They do things like settle for a good candidate instead of waiting for their soulmate (whatever that means, lol) or they even stoop as low as faking a pregnancy (which is bad, bad, bad and is in the same vicinity of low as faking a terminal illness in my opinion). But fake cancer. Lawd have mercy. People will do anything these days to get a ring. I can't imagine how this woman thought her plan would actually work. I mean sure, she received a dream wedding. She got the perfect dress, the perfect ring, the perfect venue and even the perfect honeymoon. But she also received divorce papers from her perfect husband. That's probably the only thing she deserved. This woman did the right thing by pleading guilty to these charges. Well, that is a start. But what kind of punishment does she deserve? Well I am not God or a law official so I'm really not qualified to say what her punishment should be. Paying back the money? Definitely. But what else can be done to make amends to such a crime? Perhaps she should visit families who recently lost someone to cancer. Maybe she should be in the room when someone gets that life changing diagnosis and see what it's like to hear those words "You have cancer." Maybe this young lady should sit in on a chemo therapy session when the patient gets too weak to even blink their eyes or form words to speak. Maybe she would go home with a cancer patient and see what it's like to be so sick and dehydrated from throwing up that you can't even think about how to go on. Then again those ideas aren't good choices because they would inflict pain on sick cancer ridden people. But this woman needs to learn a lesson on how serious her actions were. I just hope she did learn her lesson and that cancer isn't the karma that she suffers from one day. Be it herself or a loved one. Why? Because I personally wouldn't wish cancer on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Not even someone like her.


Judy said...

Seriously - WHO does that?! That's crazy, and while I think you're right about not wanting karma to hit her with the real thing, I sure hope she's feeling shameful and learned a lesson. My father-in-law died of cancer a few years ago, and you're right - it IS no joke.

Visiting from a to z and your newest follower :)

Cameron VSJ said...


I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?