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Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for Really?

Every so often, a new buzz word or catch phrase dominates everyday conversation. Lately I find myself being stuck on the word "Really?" When I say really, usually it's in a high pitch annoying voice. "REALLY?!?" It basically says in a roundabout why, "No kidding," or "You have got to be kidding me that you think I am too stupid to realize that. I can't believe this is happening or that you are so stupid that you actually telling me this." Or I can't believe that this situation is actually happening, exc. I like catch phrases. I use them a lot. I'm not the most hype person I know, but I still use the catch phrase of "just sayin." I know, it's so 2009. But I believe it still makes the statement I am aiming for. Shock and sarcasm. I use the expression "Really," for a lot of things. If someone cuts me off while driving. I don't give them the finger (it's not very Christian-like and besides, this is New York. Someone might want to follow up with me. lol)instead I might yell at them (with my window rolled up of course) REALLY!?!?!?!. If someone does something shady to me and I learn of it, again, I don't go off on them blatantly, but I might respond with the ever popular, "REALLY!?!" This expression is classic. People know that you mean business, yet it's not too offensive. Well, most of the time it's not offensive. You get the satisfaction of exploding, yet nobody going to necessarily kill you for your sarcasm. I encourage you all to try it a few times. As a single woman of a certain age, the next time someone tells me that I am getting older and that if I want a family of my own one day, and that I better get moving, I plan to look them straight in the eyes and simply respond with "REALLY!!!???" Or if someone gives me obvious advice about something trivial, the response will be "REALLY!!!!" Try it. It's healing. It's a great form of therapy. It's short and to the point and trust me, people know exactly where you are coming from after you say it!

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