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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Iphone

Everywhere I turn, I see someone with an Iphone. At the grocery store, nail salon, on the subway and in the mall all I see is Iphone, Iphone, Iphone. And I never thought that I would say this, but I love it!

Since getting the Iphone a few months ago, I have turned myself into a Iphone junkie. The first thing that I do in the morning is check my phone for messages, weather updates, Facebook notifications, missed calls and the latest balance of my bank account. You can even have Siri, my personal assistant remind me of what my schedule is going to be like for the day. Who is Siri? Well she is a friend in my head who keeps me organized and entertained. Not sure about the weather? I just ask Siri what the forecast is going to be like. Not sure where a decent restaurant is located? Siri will tell me where the best Sushi Bar in town is located no matter where I go. I can even speak my text messages into my phone and have them sent to my friends and family. Even when I am driving. No texting and driving for me. The Iphone is amazing.

The Iphone has truly spoiled me. My regular 9-5 is selling cell phones and I am around every type of phone that there is. My first smartphone was a BlackBerry. And while I loved that phone back in the day, I have to admit I can't see myself going back to BB. As much as I like the BBIM, FaceTime on the Iphone clearly trumps it. Mostly everyone who had a BlackBerry has converted to Iphone and that's one of the reasons why. It's the coolest thing in the world to carry on a conversation with someone and look at them while talking. Even though I have to be properly dressed and made up to chat, it is a refreshing treat to make face contact with someone you love.

Another thing that has drawn me to the Iphone is the ease of using the phone. The Iphone is probably the most user friendly device out there in the world cell phones right now. You can teach your grandmother how to use this phone and believe me, I have taught several older customers how to properly use the Iphone. They love it and so do I.

I have to admit, my love affair with the Iphone is fairly new and I used to be in love with an Android device. I loved my Android and in a lot of ways, I can see myself getting another Android in the future because it is a very solid operating system. Some of the features that you can't do on the Iphone, you can do on an Android. For example, Iphone doesn't have flash available on it, but on Android it does. However, I am still sold on the Iphone because quick frankly apart of the appeal is the status symbol. For the longest time, people were considered cool if you had an Iphone. That's still the case. Many people hate the Iphone for that reason. Say what you want to about the Iphone, but I think it's definitely the device that changed the game in communication. It's what the cool kids have and doggone it, I want to be considered one of the cool kids. LOL.

The only downside to owning an Iphone, especially in a place like New York, is the fact that it can get stolen right out of your hands. I guess that could happen anywhere, right? But it's like a major concern here. Thieves will approach you on the subway or on the street while walking and snatch the phone right out of your hands. Scandalous! Good thing that I have the "Find my Iphone app" installed on my phone and I can track it with my Ipad. Yep, I have one of those too. So muggers beware!!!

All in all, I feel like I have a friend in my Iphone. (Don't judge me, many of you have a similar relationship with your cell phones). It keeps me connected with my friends and family. I am in touch with all my FB and Twitter peeps. I can download music, movies and television shows. I find out about the latest news with the many publications and news outlet who get me constant notifications. I can check the latest sports score at the blink of an eye. I can even read the Holy Bible on the Iphone. What's better than that? Yep, the Iphone is amazing.

But as much as I enjoy my new cellular toy, I will never be a Fanboy camping outside a store for hours the night before a new version of the device launches. There is definitely something I love much more than my Iphone and that is SLEEP!


Francene said...

I'd 'druther have sleep too. That's real, whereas the iphone relies on satelites and people doing tech things. I'd love to own one, I must admit.


Robyn Shulman said...

I have to say..I just got one and I had held off for a long time. I absolutely love it. It's so much fun and so easy to use.

Love the title of your blog too.