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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Queens, New York

I think my fascination with Queens began when I first saw the movie "Coming to America." In this comedy classic, Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, comes to America in quest for his princess. What better place to find a woman who is fit for a future king than Queens. And I have to agree. The borough of Queens is filled with things of charm and beauty, not just the abundance of queens-to-be.

For me, Queens is the most logical borough in New York City. It is the borough I visit the most. I live on Long Island so if I want to go anywhere off the island, I have to venture through Queens. And I don't mind. I love the thrill of leaving LI and entering the hustle and bustle of Queens when you enter the City.

Despite the depiction in "Coming to America", Queens is not all that bad. I mean sure, there are places in Queens where I don't particularly care to visit, but that could happen anywhere. As a girl from the Detroit area, I know all too well about undesirable neighbors. And I also know about the beauty of certain communities.

I used to spend a lot of time in Queens. I worked a hop, skip and a jump from the borough so I have had many a meal in Queens. A good friend of mine lives in Queens and I used to go to Shea Stadium to catch the Mets play ball. Like I said, Queens is the most logical borough. (To me, Brooklyn is the coolest, sorry.)

But the thing I like about Queens the most is the culture. Just about anything you want to do in life can be done in Queens. Some of the best museums, shopping, restaurant and nightlife can be found in Queens. And, I just love it!

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nutschell said...

I'd like to check out Queens one day!
Happy A-Zing!