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Monday, April 2, 2012

B: Bridesmaids, Blessings, Birthday

I was having a lackluster day and I decided to just chill out and watch some feel good t.v. Much to my surprise, the blockbuster comedy Bridesmaids came on one of my premium cable channels. I love that movie because it says it all. For someone who is of a certain age, single, childless, and not where I want to be professionally, I can totally relate to the storyline.

To recap the plot, this is the story of another woman of a certain age who has to deal with the fact that she is not where she thought would be in this stage of her life. She is standing up in her best friend's wedding where she is forced to play second fiddle to another woman competing to be her best friend's new best friend. After a series of hysterical events, the woman comes to terms with being single, being unemployed and being happy to be who she is at this point of her life. And after that realization, she realizes to just enjoy the journey and look forward to the rest of the ride that life has to offer.

This week is my birthday. It is not a milestone birthday and it's one that I'm determined to stay happy that I am it's another one that I'm blessed to hopefully see. Being single, childless and working at a job that is not my career, I learned that I have a choice on how to view this particular stage in life. I can be mad at myself or at God because I don't have that husband, children and white picket fence that I have envisioned for myself. Or I can thank God for the place I am in life and look forward to all the blessings that are yet to come. I don't have those things yet. How I am choosing happiness is: I am choosing the latter. I still feel like that 17-year-old girl with alot of hopes and dreams ahead of her and I am sure she is proud of the 30-something woman I have become. (a lady never tells her real age :)) While I still believe in the fairy tale, I am thankful for all the blessings and lessons that I have experienced so far in life. And most of all, I am thankful for the people I do have in my life.

A couple of years ago, I went through a pretty tramatic breakup and I went to restaurant with my best friend where I met an amazing waiter. He told me that things happen for a reason, things don't happen before its time and God never makes mistakes. I totally agree. While I never saw the waiter again, I still remember those words and I still have hope that I will have everything that God has in store for me. I also remember that blessings aren't necessarily denied, just because they are delayed.


deathwriter said...

Nice post!

Violet said...

Here Here!
I am with you lady, and it feels so great to ACCEPT the woman who I AM, not try to compare or judge if I am not who I guessed I would be half a lifetime ago... after all, what do we know as teens anyway?
So, I do not own a home, I am single again, and things are not picture perfect all across the board. SO? Does this mean I am less of a wonderful person? NOPE. Still me, and feeling good about that!

Violet @ Revolution ~ Evolution

Shay said...

First of all, happy Birthday early, chica! Second, it sounds like that waiter was someone that was put in your life for a specific purpose:) Just because we aren't where WE thought we would be, doesn't mean that we aren't exactly where we are supposed to be:) Great post!

just de said...

Awe!!! I love you guys! You all make me love this even more. Thank you!

Violet said...

Oh... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms.Aries!