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Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fun, Facebook, Fakeness and Friendships

I promise I will be nice today. It's my birthday and I feel I owe it to myself and God to behave :)

But today, I want to talk about Facebook. I have mentioned in a previous blog a couple of years ago that FB is the devil! No disrespect to Mark Zuckerberg because I think the billionaire was a genius when he thought of this social media creation. But FB does have a very dark and not so fun side to it when not used properly.

Like I mentioned before, I love FB. I love finding old friends and rekindling old friendship from grade school, high school, college, church, old jobs and other places where various people have entered and exited my life over the years. My FB reunions have led to countless hours of messaging, talking over the phone, and in person encounters that were plain ole fun.

But there were other times that FB actually sucked. I was broken up with on FB, or shall I say I found out my former boyfriend was dating someone else, moved her in to his place and was engaged all in a matter of weeks. The coward didn't even have the courage to tell me in person, he just started posting pictures of him and his new flame kissing on FB. Classy, right?

Also, I found out about the dynamic of a friendship that I now refer to as a fake friendship on FB. This person is now blocked and I always referred to her as a frenemy, but FB was the medium in which I discovered the true nature of this relationship.

I also realized how fake FB really is. A good friend of mine and I were talking about FB and said it was like one endless high school reunion. Just about everyone on there will only show their lives in a way that is happy, positive and wants to make you jealous. It's all so exhausting. Not to say that I am going to post about me having a bad day or me in a photo that isn't flattering or tell you all about a time that I rather forget, but I do try to keep it real. In fact, when I am in a relationship, I try not to mention it too much on FB. Why? Because it's personal. Me and my significant other have agreed to not spill to much about our relationship on FB. I may or may not be in a relationship right now. Who knows? LOL. I have nothing to prove to anyone!!!

The fakeness of FB is down right amusing. Not to sound like a hater, cause I am sure certain people will take it this way, but I love to read post that over the top about how perfect their romance, marriage, job or life is at the time. Like I mentioned before, I wouldn't post how unhappy I am often either, but happy 24/7. Come on. Sounds to me like they are trying to convince everyone including themselves.

Or the most amusing, when couple write to each other 24/7 how happy and in love they are on FB. Really? Then why the need to post it on FB? Who you trying to convince, yourselves or former boyfriends and girlfriends!!! LOL. If the relationship is so loving and stable, then it wouldn't have the undertone of insecurity and immaturity coming from the ridiculous post. Some classless people even post about their sex lives or post sexual innuendos on FB. When they are called out about it, they some it up to an inside joke or they tell people to lighten up. Or equally amusing, the FB poser who posts about celebrity parties and events and probably haven't even stepped foot on a red carpet let alone know the host of such an event. I could go on and on.

I am pretty sure I have ticked off a few people. Maybe I will lose some FB friends over this, but like I said, I like to keep it real. I love FB, I really do, but I am well aware of its potential for destruction relationships, jobs and self-esteem. I try to view it and read what's on it with a grain of salt.

In the end, it's just like being in high school all over again.


Violet said...

i am the only person on earth not on FB, happilly so... for all the reasons you mentioned. enough with false connections. love me? then write to me or call me- or
come over!

Violet said...

AND I hope you have a lovely Birthday!

just de said...

thank you!!!