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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It starts today!

For about a year, I have been comtemplating starting a blog. What would I write about? Would I be consistent in posting something on a regular basis? Would people think it was funny? Or better yet, would people read it? I think that is the biggest fear for a person who decides to launch a blog. Especially for me.

You see, at one point of my life, I was a professional writer. I was even a staff member of a major New York metro daily, writing sports of all things. So, as a professional writer, I understand how important it is to grab the reader right away. Focus on the worthiness of the article and basically make the reader feel like they weren't wasting his/her time on my words. A couple of friends from High School and College suggested that I read other blogs and take it from there. A couple of them actually have blogs and told me to remember to stay true to myself. If I were to write about a personal experience for example, to be prepared to have that very same experience bless or haunt me one day. (Ya'll know I am going to be famous one day, LOL).

Another friend suggested that I take the potpourri that is my life and write about all the experience that I've had in the last three decades and explain how I came to the woman I am today. That's when I decided to keep it simple and call my blog "CHOOSING HAPPINESS."  This work will be about how I choose happiness on a regular basis, how the different experiences of life will always present you with a choice. And hopefully I will choose to be happy. If by chance I don't choose happiness, then I am sure there will be a story or something that I have learned that evolves from my original decision. So, here we go... CHOOSING HAPPINESS is officially born. Believe me, in more ways than one.

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