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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Cupcakes

This post is gonna be a short one. I love cupcakes. And when I find a bakery that sells really good ones, I get excited. cupcakes are a little bit of happiness, fun and comfort rolled into one. My favorite kind is red velvet cupcakes and it brings me back to a happy place. If you find a good place that serves cupcakes, enjoy it!


Bhav.Zz said...

Ohh I think cupcakes let you sneak away into a little world of happiness, yumminess and love. I love 'em too :)
I'm from the AtoZ Challenge and its a pleasure to read your blog.
Bhavya from Just Another Blog

just de said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...


Dani Jax said...

Oh delish! Looks yummy!
Dani & Jax @ Cover Girls

miss uncertain said...

Oh boy... And now I'm craving for cupcakes. Looks yummy! Good luck A-Z-ing! :)

Sincerely,Miss Uncertain---sidetracked

M said...

When I want to treat myself, I order cupcakes from Crumbs.

just de said...

this is a crumbs cupcake!!!

Janice said...

Who doesn't love cupcakes! Fun catching snippets of so many topics through the A to Z Challenge!

Betty Alark said...

I'm not so sure that happiness is a choice. I do however, know that attitude changes perception; how we see ourselves and life.

Its difficult to find purpose and happiness in a world that is filled with, well the things of the world; in Chirst I have come to know the abundance in living! I sure it wasn't until I came to Christ that I found happiness, so as I reflect back on my life I don't think I choose happiness since I couldnt find purpose in life without the love of God finding me!